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The only end-to-end digital solutions platform for businesses looking to thrive online

Business App gives you access to all the tools required for your busness to succeed online

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Our A.I powered report arms you with deep insights into how your business is performing online.

Everything you will ever need to grow
your business online

Find New Solutions

Personalized Marketplace

Optimize, Manage, Grow

Business App

Professional Services Fast

One App For Everything

Everything you will ever need to grow
your business online

All your business' solutions in your
own custom app in minutes. 

Business App takes all the hassle out of sourcing multiple solutions and service
providers giving you access to a unified 
seamless experience. One platform, not hundreds of different interlocutors.

Experience all the advantages of a unified
digital solutions platform

Business App is built with the very specific purpose of helping businesses optimize and scale their business reach online. We use big data and AI to streamline sales and marketing.
The more of the platform you use, the better everything works together to grow your revenue.


Be the hero your customers need you to be

 A single account to manage your entire digital asstets, under your own custom App.
Live task management, dynamic proof of performance, and access to all the tools, products and services your business needs to thrive online through a single login.

Everything your business needs to thrive online

Free products with clear upgrade paths available through your business app as soon as you log in. Explore tools for reputation management, listings, social marketing, ecommerce, productivity, and more.

Find custom solutions fast
and use the way you want

Access Business Center, your all-in-one business app, at no cost. Easily access trusted products and services for your business' online marketing needs at the click of a button.

Automated proof of performance reporting

Find out if your business' marketing efforts are paying off with access to detailed reporting and analytics that enables data-driven decision making.

Access online: ecommerce tools for your Business

Easily transition your business to selling online with our free ecommerce tool.

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What our customers are saying about Business App

With Business App, we are able to bring so much value to our clients, not only with fulfillment, but the power to keep my customers in the know.”

Grace Ofure

Founder, Lifecard International Investments

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